Honey, I shrunk the kids!

Art is an escape.

We all want to escape sometimes, to other cities, other countries. But we also want to escape to other worlds, realities different than our own. And more often than not, we use art to create worlds of wonders that we can hide away in. That’s what paper art is to me, a way of creating a whole different world for me to escape to. One where I feel complete bliss, where possibilities are limitless. Where dinosaurs wear suits, pigs can fly, and unicorns are real. It’s my happy place- give me a craft knife, some coloured card, and I could spend hours creating something out of nothing.

At first, paper art was simply a way for me to re-create worlds that I lived in as a child. As a 90s baby, I was lucky enough to experience the magic of Disney, Studio Ghibli and Cartoon Network- this greatly influenced the way I created and designed my cards. Imitation is the best form of flattery, right?

But I know I had to start putting my own mark on my designs. So I turned to what was around me for inspiration, incorporating more local elements and themes that were close to my heart. I had a pretty mixed cultural background as I grew up in Hong Kong, but was really into American pop culture. Then I moved to England for 9 years and fell in love with their culture too. I consider myself very, very lucky to have been able to experience all that, and that has definitely inspired many of my card designs.

On top of that, I realised that I adored puns: the cheesier they were, the better. And I was good at making them too! Now it has also become a huge part in how I design and create my cards, and I regret nothing.

Not only do I love making paper art, I also love documenting the process. For me, it’s fascinating to watch the transformation from boring coloured card to something that looks really awesome (or at least, I hope it does). And it also helps me think of ways I can improve my craft as well. The bottom line is, if you’re at all interested (don’t worry, you don’t have to be) in my thought processes, or having a look behind the scenes of my card-making, stay tuned. There’ll be lots more posts and videos coming your way in no time!

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